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Opo Opo Brown Dye is one of many brown shades that players can color their clothing in Final Fantasy XIV. This dye is named after Opo Opo, which is an animal skin creature in Final Fantasy XIV. Opo Opo brown dye has a brighter hue, similar to a lighter brown or pigment between dirt. It is an excellent dye for those who want their clothes to have a rustic or natural feel.

New players should remember that they cannot dye armor in Final Fantasy XIV until they complete the side quest "Coloring Your World" in Western Thanalan. Provided by the task giver Swyrgeim, this short task can be easily completed and will grant the player a "coloring" operation. Before this task is completed, players can Buy Final Fantasy XIV Gil but cannot use them.

To use Opo Opo Brown Dye to dye their own equipment in Final Fantasy XIV, new players must visit a specific merchant in one of the three starting cities. No need to worry about exclusivity, because all these NPC vendors sell Opo Opo Brown Dye at the same price of 40 FFXIV Gil.

In Final Fantasy XIV, the first vendor to sell Opo Opo Brown Dye was Alaric, an independent tinker in the old Gridania. Players can find FFXIV Gil at the ebony booth on the north side of the market. His coordinates are X: 14.3 and Y: 8.8. The next seller is Nanabe, an independent merchant located in Ul'dah, Steps of Thal at X: 14.2, Y: 11.0. She is a few steps south of the Sapphire Exchange Venue's Ethernet shard. Unsynrael the Dyemonger is the third merchant, sitting on the west side of Hawkers' Alley on the lower deck of Limsa Lominsa. She can be found at X: 6.0, Y: 12.3.

In Final Fantasy XIV, it takes about 200 FFXIV Gil to dye all clothing of a person with Opo Opo Brown Dye. If players wish to restore their clothes to their original appearance, they can use a special sap Terebinth worth 60 FFXIV Gil to remove the dye. You can purchase Terebinth from any of the three suppliers mentioned above.

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