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by on September 2, 2021

Why is it that water (37 gp) and rs 2007 gold earth runes (39) significantly more expensive than fire/mind ranes? Just curious. There are several motives. Water runes are utilized to blast or barrage and are extremely popular in P2P. They aren't uncommon and may only be made by a few people.

Numerous monsters drop large quantities of fire runes. Mind runes can be quite useless. Keep in mind that air runs are the runes which appear most often in spells that are standard-spellbook. Since they're almost useless and are extremely affordable. Vengeance spells require 10 Earth runes, which is more than poking p2p.

Although I haven’t played for over a year, I recall that the fastest method to earn money from combat in f2p was by gathering large bones. This gives you about 30k per hour. There aren't any NPCs of high level that give rewards drops. The lesser demons will only offer 10-15k per hour. The F2P player would then take about 3 hours to collect 100k combat drops.

P2P players can benefit from a greater selection of choices. They could collect dragon bones from green dragons and make perhaps 100k per hour. They could form teams to hunt the GWD bosses, KQ and possibly get lucky with 1m+ drops. I'm sure there are thousands of new ways to make money as well using combat with P2P.

The f2p player achieved 100k within a short period of time, while p2p players could easily make 300k. Woodcutting is possible in both f2p as well as P2P. My knowledge is that magic trees need 75 wc to be cut. A player who has only 70 wc won't have the ability to use them. While a dragon axe can be an option for p2p players however, it doesn't offer a significant increase in cutting speeds when compared with a rune-axe. When cutting yews, the rates for cheap RuneScape gold p2p aswell with f2p are nearly the same.

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