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This is the third consecutive season Antetokounmpo gets at the very least a portion of the highest honors, this marks the first time he's entered as the undisputed top player on the field. In 2K22 his score was 95. which was tied with Durant, Stephen Curry and LeBron James. In 2K21 He was a number 97. which is in a tie with James.

Every year millions of basketball enthusiasts look forward to the new version of NBA 2K. From small improvements to MyTeam mode to a completely new story for your MyPlayer -- there are endless hours of basketball fun that await you in each new release.However it is hard to find a topic that stirs up debate so much as the weeks before release day as 2K begin to drip feed players with their latest ratings.

In most cases, we'll NBA 2K MT see a handful of players be classified in the mid-to-high 90's, establishing their place among the league's elite, and from there, we see a flood of skills across the entire roster.Of course, not every player is happy with their 2K rating however, and a lot of them are on Twitter to share their displeasure and/or surprise. But for the most part, it's all in good fun.

The most shocking incident was Grant Williams, who finds himself among the least-rated players of Boston's routine rotation, even after having an impressive season that Williams showed  Buy NBA 2K MT himself to be one of the top young wings within the NBA. That's why for Williams to be given just 1 point higher than Payton Pritchard -- a guard who struggled for continuous playing time is definitely a snub.

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