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The upcoming expansion of Final Fantasy XIV, Endwalker, is just around the corner. Players are making all preparations to discover its new content and the ending of the story. Square Enix has revealed a lot of information about the new content that will be launched with Endwalker, but there are other projects that are less advanced in development, but will still be released in the expansion cycle.

A new dungeon is part of these projects. It will be launched during Endwalker, but the developer has not disclosed the time window for its release. The abyss dungeon is a unique example, where the player has a separate level and has an old-fashioned dungeon experience with roguelite elements. They are constantly changing, with different maps, random monsters, dangerous traps and valuable chests.

In addition to providing a refreshing game experience, the deep dungeons in Final Fantasy XIV also Buy Final Fantasy XIV Gil, such as charms, minions and other items, and achievements. They are also a good choice for quick upgrades, because players gain XP in the dungeon, even if their level is reset in it.

According to Yoshida, when they reacted to the lack of deep dungeons in Shadowbringers, the staff was surprised to see that the player base had so many FFXIV Gil to get a deep dungeon in each expansion. This is why Square Enix plans to add one more to the upcoming expansion.

The next dungeon is still shrouded in many mysteries. It is not clear what kind of content it will provide, and whether it will follow the same system as before, or whether Square Enix will change it. After the release of Endwalker, later this year or even 2022, more information may be shared in this regard.

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