by on October 29, 2021

The most exciting thing recently is it has officially launched Path of Exile: Scourge on PC, Mac and Console. Many PoE players have invested in the Scourge League now. GGG has also brought new gameplay to players. Players may find that many new POE Items, POE Currency and new Skill Gems have been added to the game. Here are some of the newly added skill gems in Scourge League.

Poisonous Concoction. It requires a level of 12. Its skill is to throw explosive bottles, causing unarmed attack damage in the area and a chance of being poisoned. Players can consume the charge in the Life flask to increase more damage. Need an empty main hand, no off-hand weapons. Players can scale the damage based on how much life is recovered from the consumed flask.

Energy Blade. It requires a level of 24. It provides players with a buff effect, which significantly reduces the players’ maximum Energy Shield, and converts their equipped weapons into swords formed by this energy. Casting the spell again will remove the buff. Requires Non-Bow weapons. It cannot trigger this skill. So players need to stack as many POE Currency as possible.

Temporal Rift. It requires a level of 34. It can keep mana to apply buffs and leave behind the players’ recent past remnants, and then cast the spell again to return to the oldest remnants, teleport to that location and reset their Life, Mana and Energy Shield to their current values. It’s very useful in hardcore mode or when exploring maps effectively.

Tornado. It requires a level of 34. It can create a tornado, obstructing and repeatedly hurting nearby enemies. It will move forward for a period, during which players’ projectiles can collide with it to cause damage. It will then chase the enemy for the second duration and reflect part of the damage it has received from the player’s projectile to them.

Soul Link. It requires a level of 34. It targets a friendly player and applies a buff to link the players with them for a period. When connected, the players’ energy shields will block some of the damage they may receive. If the target dies while linking, the players will also die. Totems, Traps, or Mines cannot trigger or use this skill. It is used in party play, where players must build a tank character with a large energy shield.

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