by on October 29, 2021

Square Enix is seeking to crack down on real currency transactions in Final Fantasy XIV and has therefore added new actions to the list of prohibited activities. Accounts that provide RMT services usually use Final Fantasy XIV’s party search tool to advertise in the game and direct players to third-party websites where they can pay real money to get FFXIV Gil.

In order to combat advertising, Square Enix not only prohibits advertisements for RMT services, but also prohibits the sale of advertisements for tariffs or other in-game services. In addition, Square Enix will also ban Party Finder listings in inappropriate categories. Players can still use FFXIV Gil to recruit people for community groups, free companies, or player-run events, but the list must be classified as "other".

These changes are accompanied by an update to the hidden penalty point system, which Square Enix uses internally to punish accounts that violate the rules of the game. Square Enix is revealing more FFXIV Gil about the system to help players understand how it works, and detailed a problem with the new way of reducing accumulated points after a long period of time after the account receives a fine. Penalties for less serious violations will begin to decrease after at least one year, while points for more serious violations may take at least three years to begin to decrease.

Robots and stolen accounts that provide RMT services have long been a problem in many MMOs, Many players will buy Final Fantasy XIV Gil privately. including Final Fantasy XIV. WoW's upcoming patch 9.1.5 will be changed, which will require the account to attach a Blizzard authenticator in order to publish a custom list in the game’s Group Finder tool. Blizzard hopes that this tool will significantly reduce the in-game advertising of RMT services.The popularity of Final Fantasy XIV has soared in recent months, breaking the record for concurrent players. The game's next expansion pack, Endwalker, will be released on November 23.

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