by on January 18, 2023

Debuting only a week in the past, Lost Ark has shot into the top of Lost Ark Gold Steam charts and has racked up over 1 million concurrent players , making it the most popular game ever on Steam (based on the number of concurrents) of all time. Developed through Smilegate RPG, Lost Ark is a Korean MMO that launched in the country in the year 2018 before being ported in English and then brought to the west in a partnership with Amazon Games. Although it's only available within the US and Europe for a few months the game has more than 200k viewers on Twitch in the moment and has even beaten games such as Dota 2, CS:GO, and PUBG in the number of gamers on Steam.

So what exactly is a Lost Ark anyway I spent the last week looking into this new gaming phenomenon, hoping to find out if it has what it takes to become my latest obsession or something that I'm happy to let other people obsess about. Lost Ark is a free-to-play MMO that is akin to Diablo. It's an isometric, action RPG that has all the cultural characteristics of a free-to-play MMO including wildly underdressed female models and a game chat that's full of spam from gold-miners. Lost Ark is mindless fun that doesn't penalize you for taking it too seriously.

Lost Ark Sets New Round of Fever Time, With Rewards to aid Honing and Battle

Lost Ark is getting two more rounds of its weekend-only Fever Time Lost Ark Gold for sale event to close out the month of July. The event will allow you to get rewards for once on Saturday and once on Sunday. The event will also be a part of the recent addition of progress bonuses, which came in after June's Spells in Spades update.

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