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The p2p crypto exchange software platform helps global users to trade their cryptocurrencies using fiat currency, credit/debit, or other payment methods. The peer-to-peer exchange has become more famous and has investors grown quickly. On this platform, users can trade flexibly and without any interruptions. Using the latest blockchain technology, p2p crypto exchange software is developed using clones like p2p crypto exchange script.


The bitcoin trading platform with the support of the p2p crypto network helps users with the fastest and most secure transactions. They offer strong security over every user transaction details and multiple currencies can be exchanged on this platform and they benefit the investors with high returns in the future.


Let me explain to you a few things about p2p crypto exchange script which will help you to launch your own crypto trading platform.


What is a p2p crypto exchange script?


P2P crypto exchange script is pre-build software that helps you build your own bitcoin trading platform with features similar to p2p crypto exchange. The P2P exchange platform is preferred by many entrepreneurs because of its easy transaction with high security. In this platform, traders are allowed to trade directly with one another, without the involvement of a third party.


Advantages of p2p crypto exchange script


P2P crypto exchange script is currently trending and there are various advantages to launching your own p2p crypto exchange platform.


High Liquidity

Investors can gain high liquidity immediately and can earn high ROI.


High Transparency

To gain the user's trust, it maintains high transparency over every transaction detail.


Decentralized Platform

P2p crypto exchange is a decentralized platform, that eliminates the third party to benefit the users by saving time.


Open-source Network

P2P crypto exchange is an open-source network, so anyone can access it effortlessly, regardless of their wealth.


100% Customizable

They benefit the investors with 100% customizable options to make changes according to their business needs.


P2P Crypto exchange clone scripts


  •      LocalBitcoins Clone Script

  •      Remitano Clone Script

  •      Paxful Clone Script


LocalBitcoins Clone Script


LocalBitcoins Clone Script is a ready-made p2p crypto exchange clone that helps you to launch your own exchange platform similar to LocalBitcoins.


Features of LocalBitcoins Clone Script

  • Ad-based trading

  • Escrow System

  • Multi-payment method


Remitano Clone Script


Remitano Clone Script is ready to launch a p2p crypto exchange script that enables you to start your own crypto exchange website like Remitano.


Features of Remitano Clone Script

  • Swift match engine

  • Escrow wallet

  • Security token service


Paxful Clone Script


  Paxful Clone Script is a pre-developed exchange website that has a feature similar to Paxful.


Features of Paxful Clone Script

  • Payment gateway integration

  • Secure communication channel

  • Multi-language support


Escrow as a part of p2p crypto exchange software


Escrow is used for the secured crypto transaction in the p2p crypto exchange script. Escrow service removes the third-party presence and procedure and offers protection to both buyer and seller funds. Assets are held in an escrow wallet, during the transaction process between buyer and seller.


You can build a highly secured p2p crypto exchange platform with Bitcoin Escrow Script. Escrow serves as a security shield to protect the transaction and you can store your bitcoins in an escrow wallet without any fear of hacking. Cryptocurrency escrow script is built by using the latest programming language like PHP, MEAN, MERN, and JavaScript.


Security features of Bitcoin escrow script


Various features come with an escrow service that secures your cryptocurrency.


  •    KYC/AML verification

  •    Firewall integration

  •    Encrypted charts

  •    Multi-signature wallet


Final thoughts

If you are an entrepreneur who wants to start your own exchange platform, then a p2p crypto exchange script is the best option. Hiring professional experts from leading blockchain companies can help you to launch your exchange platform cost-effectively in the crypto market.


Sellbitbuy is the best when it comes to launching your own trading platform. We are the blockchain experts that create quality-rich, flawless p2p crypto exchange script that helps you to win the crypto business in the market.


Advantages of choosing Sellbitbuy

  •    Certified developers

  •    On-time delivery

  •    Post delivery support

  •    IP-Rights protection

  •    Customization option

  •    Escrow system


You can get an instant free demo in the p2p crypto exchange script here.


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