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You must have come across a variety of reading materials on the web, whether they be the (pdf formatted) articles on the web or your typical docx. Files, the .txt file, or the good old ppt. Ever wondered how you make those? Chances are you already know what they are and how to make them. They are some of the typical file formats an office suite contains.





The office suite, like Office 365, is a set of programs bundled together to be used in an office setting. They are specifically made keeping productivity in mind. There are a lot of office suites available for you to choose from, such as LibreOffice, Google Suite, and the good old Microsoft office.




MS Office is hands down the superior and most reliable choice. 365 is Microsoft’s suite of cloud-based services that let you securely access your work from anywhere, on any device.

It includes standard programs like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and other Microsoft apps that let you edit documents, create Excel reports, and much more.

If you work in an office or remote location with limited access to a computer network, this subscription-based service can be a lifesaver.

That’s not all – The 365 also includes cloud storage, collaboration, and communication tools. With cloud storage, you can store and access yours anytime. The collaboration tools allow you to work with colleagues or clients in real-time from anywhere in the world.




Working in Microsoft 365 with your colleagues and clients will save you time and effort. In order to do just that, office suits come up with a variety of functionality, some of which are listed below.

  • Cloud-based: The program is cloud-based, enabling you to access everything from anywhere. You just need an internet connection. And you are good to go.

  • Collaboration: Office 365, with its integration with the Microsoft ecosystem, has become the ultimate program for professional integration and productivity around the office.

  • Large Ecosystem: The app ecosystem in MS 365 is gigantic, with many apps that do many different things. The probability of you downloading different apps to do different things is really slim.

  • Access to top-notch features: With 365 premium, you get software like Skype for Business, OneNote, SharePoint, Yammer, Outlook, Teams, Planner, and many more.



As already discussed, Microsoft is not the only one providing a cloud-based office suite. Google is probably the biggest competitor at the moment. Also, while MS 365 is a premium software, the G-suite (Google suite) comes free of cost.

While Google offers a similar set of apps for office use, the key advantage of Office 365 is the broad range of other online office apps you can access in addition to Google.


That includes popular services like Dropbox, Slack, Xobni, Box, Trello, Wunderlist, Asana, and more. Most of these services are also included in Google Apps, but MS 365 gives you more online applications, more options for controlling permissions, and overall better security.


Office 365 also adds another layer of convenience with features like automatic app updates and access to Microsoft’s big library of course materials.


Google Apps have some key advantages, such as being free and accessible from any device. It’s also easier to create a hybrid environment with Google Apps and MS 365, with many major business or government customers doing just that.



The 365 is relatively easy to get started with. However, if you’re unsure if you should get one, you can sign up for a free trial.

You can get started by visiting a Microsoft partner. For many businesses, the cloud-based nature of MS 365 will probably save more time and money than paying for on-premises software. However, if you want to use it for personal and home use and want to do it on your own. Then you can follow along.

  1. Start by clicking this link “

  2. This link will take you to Microsoft’s official website. And by default, you will be on the “Office For Home” tab.

  3. You will have two plans to choose from, The “Microsoft 365 Family“and”Microsoft 365 Professional.”

  4. Choose the plan according to your needs. And click “Buy Now.

  5. You will now be asked to log in to your Microsoft account. You create one if you don’t have a Microsoft account.

  6. After logging in, finalize your purchase by making the payment. And there you are, the Office 365 suite is up and running.


Now that you know enough about Microsoft 365 and its strong competitor, Google’s suite, you must be wondering, should I really buy MS 365?


Well, the 365 is a great upgrade if you work from remote locations or don’t have easy access to a computer network. It combines the reliability of the cloud with the convenience of desktop apps, letting you work from anywhere. Office 365 also has a good selection of other online apps, like Confluence for team collaboration, Sway for videos and presentations, and Planner for scheduling.


In many ways, Office 365 combines the best of both worlds, letting you easily collaborate with your team from anywhere and access your documents and other files online. All of these features make MS 365 the perfect productivity suite for businesses that need to stay connected, collaborate, and get work done. However, you might not need Office 365 if you are a student. The collaboration features MS 365 comes up with are professional. A student might not need them. In that case, going with Google’s Suite would be a better decision.


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