by on October 30, 2021

Earlier this week, Final Fantasy XIV developers made a series of changes to its behavior policy, clarified the rules for stalking and harassment, and provided more details on how the punishment system works. But these are just public clarifications of the rules that the developers are already using behind the scenes. The only actual rule changes are related to ads on Party Finder, and in the new update, the developers provide some additional background on the reasons for making these changes.

The new rules prohibit the use of Party Finder to provide advertising assistance for clearing duties. In other words, players cannot sell liquidation there. However, they can advertise the fact that they are buying clearance. The in-game rewarded employment activities are completely okay for developers, but when the real transaction is real money, real money traders will post advertisements for Final Fantasy XIV Gil-driven liquidation.

In Final Fantasy XIV, some vendors create recruitment lists in Party Finder under the guise of mercenary activities, which prevents normal players from using the party finder. The purpose of this change is to correct FFXIV Gil and crack down on false recruitment lists in a timely manner. In short, Final Fantasy XIV hopes that the internal environment of the game is true and fair, and can bring every player a perfect game experience.

At the same time, I need to remind players that there is less than a month before the release date of Endwalker. In order to be able to have the best status in the game, you can buy some FFXIV Gil online in advance. The development team also welcomes any valuable suggestions that players provide to the game, they will screen out the benefits and consider them seriously.

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