by on November 1, 2021

Toxic Rain is one of the key skill points of the Ranger game style. When players release this skill, they need to shoot a series of arrows into the sky. After that, there will be poisonous rain from the sky, causing terrible damage to enemies or monsters. They just need to collect loot and POE Currency. However, when they level up, they will want to use Splitting Steel and engage in a melee. When leveling through most behaviors, players will not play the full Ranger for this version, but if they prefer the Ranger style, they can switch to that style as needed.

If there are players who also want to practice melee combat, they need to start Slitting Steel and use Champion’s game style. After Level 30 or so, you should pivot Toxic Rain. After that, if they return after a period of absence, they will need the help of the Ballista Totem gem (formerly known as RAT). This skill allows players to repeat their bow and arrow attacks and summon a totem that replicates the user’s main attack. The Ballista Totem is essential to provide additional DPS for bosses and junk. If you want the Toxic Rain released by yourself to be more powerful, you can use Withering Attacks and Faster Attacks to assist.

Toxic Rain has always been one of the famous Powerful and easy-to-use builds in Path of Exile. But things have two sides, so Toxic Rain also has certain shortcomings. If the players use the build, they need to use more items to restore vitality, otherwise the character will easily die. Also, players remember to bring some form of sports gems so that they can escape even if they encounter a very serious crisis.

In Path of Exile Scourge’s increasingly hot current, every ambitious player must not only learn more practical skills and master the scenarios that each build should use, but also need to buy more POE Currency to get better of equipment items to arm their characters to promote their own development in the best direction.

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