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Best Interior Solutions

“Space & Designs” was established in 2010 and is one of the top 10 interior designers in Delhi NCR, The firm is based in New Delhi and is collectively offering specialized services in Architecture and Interior Design.


Space & Designs is derived from the words SPACE (Area) & DESIGNS (Creativity). Space is the area which depends in the way color, line, texture and pattern are used to confine the area. Design is the creation of a plan or connection for the construction of an object.

At Space & Designs we incorporate client’s taste and most loved possessions into a seamless design, plan that offers both warmth and functionality in key living spaces.

Design concepts relate to the surrounding environments and architecture, offering a blueprint that links key rooms together while making each room a feature in its own right.

Firmly rooted with pragmatic approach, the firm has successfully finished a large variety of Interior Design projects; Residential, Retail, Commercial, Corporate and Hospitality while continually evolving and innovating new concepts.

At Space & Designs, we have three main guiding principles in the way we work, aimed at delivering the best to all our clients. We are charged with a pursuit of excellence in design, through a methodology of professional rigour, informed by a belief in sustainability.


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