by on November 2, 2021

Path of Exile 3.16 expansion is now available on all platforms. According to the online number of players, it can be seen that the Scourge league is much better than the previous Expedition league. The gradual influx of players also has a great impact on the existing game environment. If those experienced old players only rely on their own experience to develop, there may soon be a ridiculous situation that is surpassed by those novice players who have learned a lot of strategy and POE Currency Buy.

The recently famous Poison Concoction is one of the most popular skills in the Scourge league. One reason for the excellence is because it seems to have a huge gain, as well as some very good scaling in the Pathfinder tree through Master Toxicist, Chaos and AOE effects added by Nature’s Reprisal, and through active flasks. Players should find a build suitable for their use to cooperate with the character to produce the best effect.

In addition, they also need Chaos Mastery, because it is one of the best parts of the POE tree for Chaos damage construction. They will get more withering power and better poison damage. Players also need flask proficiency, because Pathfinders naturally use many flasks to survive and amplify their damage. Although the 3.16 extension is available for a short period, we know little about the Path of Exile Scourge build, but many players guess it will be extremely powerful. If players want to run a chaotic damage-themed poison build that is not Toxic Rain, then it is best to learn the relevant game guide on POECurrency.

Moreover, if players hope they can have a better experience in the 3.16 expansion, so that the characters can have better performance, they can also buy POE Currency a lot at a lowest price to achieve their goals. I sincerely wish every Path of Exile fan have a good time.

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