by on November 2, 2021

Due to the soaring popularity of Final Fantasy XIV, Square Enix is likely to want to curb RMT activities. With the upcoming expansion of Endwalker, the game recently surpassed 24 million players. Square Enix has made some changes to Final Fantasy XIV’s prohibited activities and account penalty policies.

The new changes are detailed on the Final Fantasy XIV community website. First of all, it is now forbidden to sell players’ services to help others complete tasks in exchange for rewards. If Square Enix finds a player doing so, they will be punished. It is worth noting that asking others to help yourself or offering FFXIV Gil to players in exchange for help is not a violation of the rules. Selling your own services and asking players to pay them is against the rules.

It is now also prohibited to list ads for certain events in any place other than the "Other" category in Party Finder. These activities include promotion of player activities, housing activities, buying and selling FFXIV Gil, and recruiting members for free companies or link shells. Square Enix also updated its banned activity documents, so players should be able to more easily determine what constitutes a violation.

In addition to changing the prohibited activities mentioned above, Square Enix has also made some changes to Final Fantasy XIV’s account penalty policy. Previously, the studio used a penalty point system to attribute points to users who violated terms and conditions or Buy Final Fantasy XIV Gil. These points are not visible or explained to the player base, but Square Enix has added an explanation of how they work.

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