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In the era of rapid development of science and technology, bar code and QR code have become common things in daily life. Recently, the emergence of new species of unmanned convenience stores has pushed item intelligent identification and RFID technology to the forefront. Kong Hongliang, director of the application and Promotion Department of China article coding center, said that at present, bar code occupies an absolute advantage. Intelligent identification and RFID technology can not shake the status of bar code in a short time. Kong Hongliang, director of application and Promotion Department of China article coding Center "Weakness" of RFID and intelligent identification RFID technology is more and more widely used in some retail scenes, such as decathlon, Inman and other clothing stores. At the supply chain end, RFID can also solve the problem of high efficiency and transparency, and the growth rate of RFID is very obvious. However, RFID chips also have weaknesses. First, the cost is relatively high, 0.2-0.4 yuan per chip, which is not conducive to large-scale promotion. Second, technically, liquids and metals still interfere with RFID. AI visual recognition technology has been mentioned a lot in the scene of unmanned convenience stores. For example, Google, Jane 24 and Shenlan technology all use visual recognition technology to help customers purchase and settle accounts. However, Kong Hongliang pointed out that at present, it only meets the needs of "cool", the use cost is higher, and there are not many applications of visual recognition technology in logistics and production scenes. In addition, the proportion of unmanned convenience stores in the overall business is very low, which is a relatively small scene. China article coding Center The bar code cannot be shaken temporarily "Now bar code is still in the leading position in the whole industrial chain." Kong Hongliang analyzed that the main reason is the cost advantage. We can see bar codes in most goods, because bar codes are printed in batch, with almost zero cost. RFID and intelligent identification have brought people a sense of crisis. People feel that new technologies will be iterated immediately and old technologies will be eliminated. Kong Hongliang believes that it is unrealistic in the short term. Different consumer groups have different service scenarios. For example, the emergence and rapid development of new media, but newspapers and other traditional media still exist. The price advantage of bar code is still obvious. At least in the short term, we don't see other technologies that can quickly replace bar codes. "After desperately expanding, e-commerce enterprises gradually realize the importance of data management, and the standardization of data is inseparable from this unified coding." Kong Hongliang said. It is understood that Alibaba,, eBay, Baidu, 360, etc. have cooperated with the coding center to jointly promote the standardized management of e-commerce products.

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