by on November 3, 2021

Amazon Game Studios finally released the latest patch for New World, named 1.0.4, which aims to solve many pressing problems in the game. Due to the “golden failure” and other trivial bugs some time ago, the number of New World online players has dropped significantly. In order to save this trend, Amazon has made many targeted compensation measures, including New World Coins Buy and items.

The Everfall starter beach has been removed to funnel players through the other three locations to spread people out and potentially start the game alongside friends. Every player who bought a house before this patch will be getting 2,000 new world coins. This is because the UI said that taxes would be reduced when you bought your first house, but that was not actually the case.

Performance within wars has been “slightly” improved. They also believe they’ve fixed the exploit of using AOE magic effects to capture rally points without taking damage. They also think they’ve fixed issues with players being invincible, and they continue to hunt down more potential instances of that. Outpost rush is being re-enabled and will roll out over the course of the day in different regions.

About two dozen wide-ranging bug fixes, with highlights including the faction token cap being correctly raised after hitting the new level. That’s pretty much everything major, and as you can see, we are still in “fix things” mode here this close to the game’s launch, and larger QoL additions or New World Coins are going to be longer-term projects. A “slight” performance improvement doesn’t give us a ton of faith, but I suppose we’ll have to see.

If players want them to have greater strength and achievements, they can choose IGGM to buy New World Coins at a lowest price. Come on!

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