by on November 4, 2021

Anyone who pays attention to online games knows that new games usually encounter some problems when they are released, and these problems may need to be updated after the release to solve them. Despite this, Amazon's long-delayed New World has seen some surprising bugs, security issues, and vulnerabilities in recent weeks. This disappointed some players who New World Coins Buy.

Recent reports have filtered out players who have discovered how to insert and process their own HTML code in the New World chat box. This leads to some interesting visual trolling, because players can use specific HTML to send enormous pictures of sausages in the game, and even display a large yellow box above their characters to block other players' vision in the game. Other trolling behaviors are more serious, such as the New World Gold copy bug and HTML code. If the player hoveres the mouse over a specific text, it may cause the game to crash.

Some time ago, Luxendra, the New World community manager, posted that the team discovered a problem that day that players could post pictures and other links in the chat, resulting in unpleasant behavior. Luxendra added the developer has enabled a fix that can solve this problem and prevent players from misusing and taking advantage of this feature. Among them, there are many players who want to buy New World Coins to strengthen themselves.

Other issues are more directly related to the in-game economic system not functioning as designed. Since the launch of the New World patch 1.0.4, it has been reported that players cannot earn New World Coins from post-transaction sales conducted while offline. Amazon stated in the gaming forum they are testing the fix and will deploy it soon. Players can receive their lost RPG New World Coins and items when the repair is online. 

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