by on November 5, 2021

After Amazon Game Studio banned Trading Post, players once again discovered an extra round of failures. One issue involved the Gold Dupe Glitch discovered by the player. By using this fault, players can get more New World Gold Coins through unexpected errors of Trading Post. Because of this issue, the developers have banned the accounts of players who maliciously used the bug.

A user named xAleksas on Reddit posted their findings on New World Subreddit. According to users, when they upgraded the town, the number of New World Coins did not decrease, but the upgrade will definitely fail. But when they reconnect to the game, it will increase the cost of upgrading the company’s wallet. This new vulnerability has attracted the attention of the New World community. This loophole is real. However, the company recently commented on how they cracked down on the first Gold Dupe. According to the studio’s community manager, the developers plan to check how the fault is used. This survey is now likely to include this new Gold Dupe.

This is a big deal for factions, because Trading Post provides players with a way to buy various items, such as weapons. Besides trading stations, Buy New World Coins, guild vaults, and player-to-player transactions have been disabled. The developer pointed out that once they enable again the gold transfer, it will update the player.

Fortunately, the trading station is now available again. Players who want to experience the fun of the new world as soon as possible can buy more New World Coins at IGGM, to achieve their goals as soon as possible. Come on!

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