by on November 5, 2021

Recently, many players have complained that they cannot transfer New World Gold in the game after 24 hours. Amazon Game Studio will fix the problem and then restart the feature later. These problems make players feel very frustrated, especially those who are already New World Coins Buy in the game.

In a blog post, the team explained that given the importance of wealth transfer to game play, their top priority is to reintroduce this feature to the game as soon as possible. The downtime in each region will take place as quickly as possible and should run for approximately three hours before the game returns to normal. Players hope that this error can be fixed quickly, because nothing is more important than wealth. In the game, players who have enough RPG New World Coins can get a better gaming experience.

This time, the developer may make the player very unhappy in order to solve the problem caused by the lack of any wealth transfer (including the trading station), but the player will be “compensated” in the future, which may be some Cheap New World Coins rewards or other items, but The team has not revealed what it will be. Besides this outage, New World will still receive weekly updates, but the details of these changes have not yet been announced. If players want to get more information about downtime updates, they can pay more attention to the official website.

For some novice players who want to play New World, they must prepare enough Amazon New World Coins before that. Because wealth is very important to a player. Players will complete more hard tasks and challenges. If they find it difficult, buying New World Coins at IGGM is a smarter way.

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