by on November 5, 2021

Players who help ease the pressure on the Final Fantasy XIV server will receive a generous reward of free game time and possible additional FFXIV Gil. In order to regulate the connection and speed, Square Enix has permanently set up a world population balance reward and Buy Final Fantasy XIV Gil. Players can even get a one-time 15-day subscription worth $7.50 before purchasing Final Fantasy XIV.

The Balanced Incentive Program was originally designed to allow players to break even when they help populate less mature servers. But the game has undergone a large-scale migration, and most people have flocked to the already narrow Final Fantasy XIV world server. With the release of the extended free trial version, the increase in experience gains, and much of the content required by the Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker, players can now meet the reward threshold faster.

Those who aim for a 15-day subscription can also get a second reward: each data center area in the new world will also receive 1 million FFXIV Gil. This will provide players with a lot of extra cash to start their journey. Before directly entering Final Fantasy XIV, players need to choose a world server to play. Each server has a specific nickname that reflects the current player base: the crowded world has a large population, the standard world is medium, the preferred population is small, and the new server is a new server that has just launched.

The most significant factor is that players can reach level 30 first, and then receive an instant reward of 15 days of free storage before fully committing to the full game. This can include upgrading during the Final Fantasy XIV free trial period, while using the 30-day free trial period included in all new game copies, or taking advantage of the seasonal free login activity provided by Square Enix.


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