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A Robust Metaverse Development Platform



The metaverse is a persistent, 3D, shared universe that is fundamentally built upon the capabilities of blockchain technologies.

  1. The metaverse allows you to create an identity and traverse this world with other users.
  2. The metaverse is a persistent, online, three-dimensional environment that integrates numerous virtual spaces.
  3.  Metaverse means Beyond Our World or a world beyond/beyond this one.
  4. The term metaverse development platform is becoming more often used to refer to the same thing: a large-scale digital environment. An environment is created that consists of many smaller virtual worlds. The term itself originates from Bridge to Terabithia (1977). It was like stepping through a mirror into another world".

Develop Metaverse Platform

The metaverse platform will allow anyone to create and distribute their virtual worlds. These virtual worlds will be connected through the same metaverse API, meaning the social interactions that users develop in one world will carry over to others. Develop metaverse platform that will also allow users to test their skills against each other in multiplayer games. To achieve this, the platform has taken a decentralized approach, where users are in control of their data and how it is viewed by others.

It is commonly accepted that the “metaverse” will be a virtual environment where humans and their avatars interact with other humans, their avatars and business services. This allows people to live in this space and explore new ways of interacting with each other. IT is known fact that the metaverse is an unified virtual universe, similar to the World Wide Web, but with a greater emphasis on user immersion”

Blockchain and Cryptocurrency for Metaverse

The decentralized nature of the blockchain technology and cryptocurrency is the perfect fit to Build metaverse platform where people can create a digital economy with different types of utility tokens and NFTs. There are numerous challenges to overcome. But we have seen that it’s possible to create applications with cryptocurrency support and virtual worlds, like Axie Infinity, SecondLife or Decentraland.

Why Video games are linked to Metaverse

Create your own metaverse platform that is the next step in the evolution of the internet. With metaverse platforms like SNOW, we have the opportunity to build our virtual world and explore it with others across different games, apps, and virtual societies. The future of cyberspace is a place where we can interact with each other and experience new things, using tools from augmented reality to artificial intelligence.

With the rise in popularity of immersive, 3d motion-capture computer games and virtual reality headsets, the metaverse has infiltrated our culture. For this reason, developers have been eager to Build metaverse platform that is innovative and has real experiences. In the future, the metaverse will be software-based and allow gamers from around the world to enter a virtual playground.


Create Metaverse Platform

Metaverse platform is an independent, isolated and fault-tolerant infrastructure for creating and running virtual worlds that gives the system administrator full control over the properties of the virtual world's reality. The goal of this project is to create a balance between the needs of users and all participants in the platform to improve the technological, economic and social development of the world as a whole by developing blockchain technologies for common use in everyday life and at work.

We create Metaverse platform on a set of protocols, standards and an environment that powers the development of next-generation distributed applications. They allow developers for creating their own branded virtual worlds, each with unique rules and properties.


Why Choose Shamlatech Solutions to create your own metaverse platform

Our Metaverse developers are skilled at working with any technology, whether you want to expand your business or create your own metaverse platform.

Our Metaverse development platform solutions allow us to Develop metaverse platforms for the future of the internet, gaming, etc.



A Robust Metaverse Development Platform to build a Virtual World


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