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Although New World was successfully released after experiencing various situations, it also gained many players, and many players also prepared enough New World Coins in advance so that they can quickly adapt to the game, but it still seems to have some problems. Players found many faults and errors in the game.

In early October, a YouTuber showed an error. If New World players click and drag the position of the game window on their local machine, they will become invincible. Although it will cause damage once the game window stops moving, players can still use loopholes to camp on PvP occupied points indefinitely, thus gaining an immense advantage. This is very unfair to some players who have already purchased New World Coins, and players believe it undermines the fairness of the game.

A few weeks later, patch 1.0.4 fixed this oversight, and the patch notes stated it fixed several known reasons players are invulnerable. But these instructions also show that they are only solving the problem that caused invulnerability, and are continuing to look for fixes for other causes of this problem. Some people point out that this invulnerable error is evidence that Amazon grants the game client permission to the server, which is a major security taboo in online game New World Coins.

But Luxendra described this in an extended article that details what happened here. Sometimes, they wait for the server to receive input from the client before processing the results. Combined with the intentional weapon effect that allows short-term invincibility, players can extend their invincibility state if the user client does not respond. The player based on the results of the physics simulation and the rules of the game calculates the damage caused by the player and the damage received on the server side. This is a terrible mistake, and they apologize for it. They corrected the error in the code on the same day they learned of the error and immediately released a fix. In order to ensure the players’ gaming experience, they can buy Cheap New World Coins to increase their strength. 

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