by on November 8, 2021

Recently, Amazon Game Studio revealed some information about New World’s health, status and PvP, including interesting details about Open-world Action. The rewards that were previously marked by PvP are meaningful during the upgrade, but have no meaning in the last game. Later patch updates will change this, which will increase the player’s luck. Then players can get higher ratings equipment and New World Coins when they perform PvP missions well in Open-world.

This sounds like an exciting idea, which will encourage people to complete more Open-world PvP tasks. It seems reasonable to kill the enemy camp players to get higher-level items and bind them to the player’s current equipment watermark. Players are always very fond of rewards, such as increased New World Coins and rare items.

Besides rewards, Open-world PvP also has some game problems, which makes many players who have Buy New World Coins hesitated. Because the visual effects of spells are the same, it is difficult for players to know whether the spell comes from an ally or from an enemy. Amazon Game Studio requires a lot of code updates and a lot of asset changes to fix this problem. For other issues, Amazon Game Studio will also arrange a lot of work and investigation, so some issues will take a long time to repair.

Amazon Game Studio also revealed some War Status, Territory Control, and other bits and pieces that are important to players who like New World. Players must believe that New World is still worth their effort to explore after the restoration.

For New World players who are not yet familiar with certain mechanics, they can read relevant guides and buy New World Coins at IGGM.

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