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The Ash Mask is a headdress with a tribal appearance that players can obtain or make in Final Fantasy XIV. It has a unique appearance, covers the face of the player character, and prominently includes two threatening eye holes. Although The Ash Mask does provide fair statistics for low-level players, it is more noteworthy that its beauty is very suitable for all kinds of glamorous costumes. Several suppliers of Eorzea sell Ash Mask at the price of 308 FF14 Gil. Or, players can reach level 14 carpenter to make it by hand.

Players who start their Final Fantast XIV journey in Gridania will have the opportunity to obtain the Monoa mask, which is an equipable item with the same appearance as the Ash mask. In addition to buying it from the seller through FFXIV Gil, players can also obtain it by using carpenter work to make The Ash Mask in Final Fantasy XIV.

Below are the required materials, including detailed information on how to make each FFXIV Gil. Ash wood x 1-Ash log x 3: The central shroud located near X: 25.5, Y: 20.4. Leather x 1-Animal skin x 1. Fish Oil-Trout Princess x 2: Located in Middle la Noscea at X: 22, Y: 22 and caught with crayfish ball bait. Wind fragments x 1, ice fragments x 1.

Whether it is made or purchased, The Ash Mask can provide 8 points of defense, 16 points of magical defense, as well as +1 vitality, +2 spirit, +2 intelligence, and +1 direct hit rate. The materials needed by Final Fantasy XIV players to make The Ash Mask can also be purchased at low prices from various NPC vendors and through the market committee. Players starting from Gridania will receive a similar Monoa mask for free in the main story mission "Festival Endeavour" before participating in the Gridanian Padjali ceremony, but there will be no attribute rewards.

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