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Large bags under the eyes indicate swollen eyes or poor blood circulation, and the skin must be dry and fragile. The editor suggested that you can mix it with a refreshing eye gel and primer, mix the two evenly with your fingers, and then gently apply the eye bags to easily apply makeup.

Avoid flashing effects on big bags under the eyes. The skin under the bags under the eyes is fragile and thin. If you apply a shiny foundation on the bag under the eyes, it will be short. In addition, choose a liquid foundation that is easy to push away 消除皺紋.

Use deep and shallow visual effects to calm big bags under the eyes. Use a light-colored concealer to draw a line under the eye bags, apply a darker concealer under the eye bags, and then fine-tune the joints to blur the boundaries of the bags so that the large bags can be visually smooth. In addition to covering big eye bags, we can also enhance other people's attention to eyebrows by emphasizing the effect of eyebrows and eye makeup, so as to achieve the effect of weakening eye bags.

Choose the safest brown eyeshadow. The color of eye shadow should avoid over-saturated colors, such as blue, purple, green, etc., while brown eye shadow, such as bronze, smoky gray, earth color, etc. are more suitable. If you choose eye shadow with metallic sheen, you can reduce it. Eye bags.

Use eye-catching eyelashes to maximize effectiveness and avoid weaknesses. Eyelashes must be eye-catching. The longer the length, the better, because they are a tool to lengthen the eyes. The longer the lower eyelashes, the more it can cover the big bags under the eyes and produce the visual effect of shrinking the bags under the eyes.

Refresh with the raised eyebrow bow. The large bag under the eyes can make the outer corners of the eyes droop, so please be careful not to reduce the drooping eyebrows or straight eyebrows. Keep your eyebrows as high as possible to look full of energy. Use blush. Apply the blush on both sides of the nose diagonally upwards, slightly towards the temples, which can reduce the sagging feeling of bags under the eyes, make the complexion more rosy, and increase the complexion.

In addition, you should remember that whether you are in an office or a party, you should avoid sitting in a place that is directly exposed to light, which will make the big eye bags very obvious.

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