The Peaceful Sage
by on June 4, 2022

Hello, my name is Pasquale, and I assist thoughtful people take the actions necessary to materialize the life they genuinely want. In Arizona, I am a parent, husband, spiritual coach, energy healer, and psychic. In person and through ZOOM, I do Psychic guidancepsychic coaching and spiritual counseling sessions.

INTEGRITY, KINDNESS, and COMPASSION, in my opinion, are the cornerstones of a successful existence. I was born with clairvoyance (clear vision), claircognizance (clear understanding), and clairsentience (empathy or clear emotion), as well as a desire to assist people live their most true and fulfilling lives.I am a Spiritual Coach who works with Angels and Guides, Astrology, Crystals, and Energy in an integrated manner. My sessions are tailored to your specific need and involve assistance from angels, spirit, and your higher self. My primary motivation is to assist people in leading more meaningful and rewarding lives. I am a husband, parent, Angel Mentor, Reiki Master, and Color Coach.

With prominent spiritual instructors James Van Praagh, Kyle Gray, Debra Silverman, and Dougall Frasier, I studied Psychic/Intuition, Mediumship, Usui Reiki, Color Energy Coaching, Astrology, and Angel Guidance.My spiritual path started when I realized I could communicate with the spirit realm at an early age. I've taken courses in Psychic/Intuition, Mediumship, Usui Reiki, Color Energy Coaching, Life Coaching, Astrology, and Angel Guidance as an active student.

For many years, as a natural coach, I have guided individuals using my intuition. All of my sessions are made alive by my approachability and delivery of honest, caring truth with a mix of encouragement and fun. I make it a point to practise what I preach and to incorporate all of my lessons into my own life.Crystal Reiki Healing blends the Reiki healing advantages with the healing powers of crystals and music to create a powerful, all-encompassing healing experience. The inherent power of the body to repair itself is promoted during Crystal Reiki Healing sessions.Animals help us heal... It's now time to help them! Allow Crystal Reiki Healing to heal and re-energize your animals. We have online services , visit us online at

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