by on November 9, 2021

Amazon Game Studio has added the latest patches to New World, which contains some major changes. In addition to ordinary fixes, Amazon Game Studio has also made some changes to the gold cost of attribute reconfiguration and the Azoth cost of weapon skill tree reconfiguration, which means that players should be able to change their New World Coins more frequently. In addition, the developers also detailed some of the measures it is implementing to combat all the gold sellers that players will undoubtedly see in the chat.

In patch 1.0.5, coin sellers became the main topic of heated discussion. It seems that no matter what MMO is, there will always be some players who want to sell Gold Coins, and New World is no exception. Amazon first stated that it has banned and suspended many gold sales accounts reported by players. They now also require the new account to reach player level 10 in order to participate in player-to-player transactions or currency transfers. Players must also spend over 72 hours online to complete these two things. In addition, Amazon has transferred some gold rewards from the early main tasks to the later tasks to avoid giving sellers an early way to grind out gold, and cannot enter the Trading Post for seeking before new players accept “Introduction to the Trading Post” .

In a considerable change, Amazon announced that it has reduced the cost of attribute reconfiguration by 60%, and the Azoth cost of weapon reconfiguration by 75%. This is exciting news for players who like to switch versions frequently. The coin cost of the chisel is also reduced by up to 50%, but this depends on the level. Unfortunately, players can no longer equip two weapons of the same type, so if they want to use two weapon slots at the same time, they must choose two different weapon types for them.

Amazon has also fixed an issue that affects the consistency of spell strikes, and the passive effects of many skills have become more interesting. Players can browse more useful information in the patch 1.0.5 article written by IGGM. And they can also New World Coins Buy there. I look forward to Amazon New World getting better and better.

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