by on November 9, 2021

As the population of New World decreases and the population of some serves decreases, Amazon Games confirms that a server merger is coming soon. After many delays, Amazon cooperated with New World to launch the MMO type for the first time, which was a tremendous success. Since its launch, its sales have risen rapidly. For some aspiring players, they have also prepared enough New World Coins in advance in order to seize the opportunity in the game.

However, as the number of players reached the highest, with the continued sales of New World, its popularity continued to become one of the most played games on Steam in a few weeks, even with multiple issues related to servers and other errors. However, its popularity has been declining. Recently, New World has faced many problems, including errors, malfunctions, and unstable in-game economy because of a gold duplication issue.

Some players who have already New World Coins Buy have reached the highest level but lack game content, which is frustrating. Fortunately, Amazon solved many annoying problems in the 1.05 update, but as the server transfer process progressed, the number of some servers dropped sharply.

The community has been very outspoken about this issue, especially considering that part of the game content of New World involves a mechanism called war, which allows many players to fight against each other to control the territory. Some players will buy New World Coins to improve themselves and occupy territory, but without the right number of players, this fundamental aspect of the game cannot happen. So developers are now actively dealing with this issue, and it will probably surprise players soon.

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