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by on March 14, 2023

The journey of Umrah is not random. It is a spiritual journey that requires a lot of patience. Many people intend to perform Umrah in the Holy Month of Ramadan. To avail All Inclusive Cheap umrah packages you may speak to your agent. There are some important tips for your Umrah Journey which will help you through the spiritual journey.

Physical preparation:
Knowing the fact that Umrah requires a lot of physical exertion. The rituals can be very taxing on the body. Hence pilgrims must be in a sound state of health before leaving for Umrah. Pilgrims must exercise before leaving for Umrah.

Get your vaccines:
Covid-19, diphtheria, tetanus and polio, Yellow Fever and influenza vaccines are required by the Saudi Government. Don’t forget to carry copies of each vaccine certificate. 

Take shower:
Before getting in the state of Ihram, take shower, use scent-free soaps get your nails trimmed or wear non-alcoholic mists. 

Get in the state of Ihram:
Your journey would never start until you get in the state of Ihram. You must know Miqat “the Station of Ihram’’ so before approaching Miqat Pilgrims must put on Ihram.

Supplications for Umrah:
Memories of the supplications for Umrah or you may carry a small book having supplications of Umrah.

Keep extra copies of documents:
Make a copy of your Passport and important documents, and place them in different bags so you may have a backup if anything gets lost.

Dress according to weather:
keep in mind what weather is hitting Makkah and Madina before you leave for Umrah. Keep dresses according to Saudi Weather.

Wear comfortable shoes:
Long walks are an integral part of Umrah, during Tawaf and Saa’i. Pilgrims must wear the most comfortable shoes and sandals to avoid a tiring experience.

Take care of cleanliness:
Cleanliness is half of Deen. So make sure to take an extra Ihram or extra Abaya to avoid dirtiness.

Small kit having essentials:
Carry a small kit having essentials like scent-free soaps, tissue, safety pins, Vaseline and a praying hat.

A backpack with necessary stuff:
Carry extra pair of shoes, folding Umbrella, socks, bathroom slippers water bottle, prayer mat, sunglasses and sunblock to avoid any convinces. 

Drink a lot of Zamzam water. It is available inside The Masjid Al-Haram and Prophet’s Mosque. Be sure to read the signs on the taps outside, as some of them are not Zamzam.

Sun Block, Shades and Umbrella:
To stay safe from sunburn never forget to apply sunblock. To protect your eyes from the burning sun must wear shades and always carry an umbrella if you are Visiting Al-Haram during the daytime.

Umrah at night:
Pilgrims can perform umrah at night as well. There is no restriction on time. So if the weather is really hot in day time you can perform Umrah at night.

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