by on November 9, 2021

Square Enix postponed the Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker expansion by two weeks. The new content was originally scheduled to be released on November 23, 2021, but will now be available on December 7. If players have early access, they can join on December 3rd. The development team expressed their confidence to use the delayed time to make the expansion pack better.

"At this rate, we have a greater risk of reaching the release date without ensuring stability as a form of quality, so I decided to postpone the release at this time," Naoki Yoshida said. "Since we also expect a lot of FFXIV Gil in all game worlds, I feel that even in this regard, it is wrong for us to release expansion packs without sufficient stability. I'm really sorry."

Looking to the future, Naoki Yoshida explained that he believes that the team can successfully portray the story of Endwalker because the team has already begun a long journey of developing and operating Final Fantasy XIV with players. Yoshida also confirmed that due to the change in the release date, the team will release patches 601 and 6.05 on December 21 and January 4, respectively. Secondly, players also need to collect as many FFXIV Gil as possible.

Although the release date of Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker has been postponed, we have many other details to help us tide over the difficulties. The developers discussed PvP updates, production and collection adjustments, housing changes, and even fishing in a recent letter from the producer stream, which players can see on it. Finally, we suggest players can choose IGGM to Buy Final Fantasy XIV Gil

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