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P2P Cryptocurrency Exchange Script is a Popular Crypto Business Model in Crypto Space. Cryptopreneurs are interested in building a cryptocurrency exchange to get high ROI for their business. One of the best ways to build a cryptocurrency exchange is using an exchange script. 


So crypto traders all around the world prefer p2p cryptocurrency exchange platforms, many entrepreneurs are interested to start their own p2p crypto exchange business, if you are one of them then this article is for you, you can know about p2p cryptocurrency exchange script a pre-developed software, its features and its clone scripts.


P2P Cryptocurrency Exchange Script, what is it?


P2P Cryptocurrency Exchange Script is a pre-build crypto exchange software that helps you to launch your p2p exchange platform within a short time. In this platform buyers and sellers can trade directly and safely without any intervention from a third party. So p2p crypto exchange platform is a trustful, decentralized, and fully transparent trading platform and is preferred by many in the crypto world.


This is a 100% customizable platform, so you can develop your exchange platform according to your business requirements. P2P cryptocurrency exchange script has advanced features that hold all basic aspects used to create a p2p crypto exchange platform.


Advantages of P2P Exchange:


Easy payment method

              In this platform, there are various payment methods to pay the funds. Methods like credit card and bank card allow you to pay quickly and can start trading as soon as possible . 


High Security

             In this decentralized platform, trading can be done without involving third parties so individual details can be protected.So there is no need to interfere in transactions and assets handed over .



            The most important feature of P2P Cryptocurrency Exchange Script is they cost less.Because no money will be spent on the presence of third-party as by eliminating them, the cost also will be eliminated.


World wide trading

             The most important advantage of P2P Cryptocurrency Exchange Script is that it gives you access to worldwide Bitcoin buyers and sellers. So you can trade or purchase cryptocurrencies all around the world.


Escrow system in p2p exchange platform


Escrow is a third party that temporarily holds the assets until certain

conditions are met.Escrow protects the fund and acts as a problem solver when

any dispute arises between buyers and sellers during transactions.The users have

to open an account in escrow system and have accept all terms and conditions

set.The payment information is sent to the seller, when buyer accepts all terms

and policies.After checking, the seller will send the asset to the buyer. Then 

escrow will check whether the buyer knows about the product.Within a specific amount

of time buyer has to verify the product delivered.After confirmation, escrow will release the money to the seller from the escrow wallet. P2p cryptocurrency exchange script development company provides an escrow system as a part of security features while build your exchange platform.


Cryptocurrency Escrow Script | Bitcoin Escrow Script


Escrow is commonly known as third party. As it holds the cryptocurrencies

till the buyer and seller come to terms with the contract. So many crypto

entrepreneurs wanting to develop their trading platform with strong escrow

security using cryptocurrency escrow script.


What is Cryptocurrency Escrow Script?


Cryptocurrency Escrow Script is a pre-build crypto exchange script that is used to create highly secured p2p crypto trading platform and are build by using advanced programming languages like PHP, MEAN, MERN and JavaScript. To protect the transactions on crypto exchange platform, escrow acts as a security shield, so the buyers and sellers can trade without any fear of hacking.


Benefits of Cryptocurrency Escrow Script


In escrow script the seller can have their cryptocurrency only when the 

buyer is happy with the transaction. So there is no elimination risk.


The escrow system adds credibility by offering strong protection to both buyers and sellers.


When any dispute occurs because of transaction between buyer and seller

escrow act as a problem solver to resolve them.


We all know bitcoin transaction is permanent as once the money is out of

the wallet you cannot undo it. But using cryptocurrency escrow script, if

the user is not satisfied with the product, they can claim them back.


What is Bitcoin Escrow Script?


Bitcoin Escrow Script is a ready-made crypto exchange script that helps

you to launch a highly secured p2p crypto exchange platform with a powerful 

escrow system. To protect all transactions in the trading platform, escrow

the system serves as a security shield, where buyers and sellers can trade and

store their details without any fear. To build Bitcoin Escrow Script, the latest programming languages like PHP, MEAN, JavaScript, MERN, HTML is used.


 Core Features of Bitcoin Escrow Script


        These are some highly advanced core features Bitcoin Escrow Script


  •     Rapid match engine

  •     Multicurrency pairing

  •     GPS tracking

  •     Payment Gateway integration

  •     Multicurrency wallet

  •     Initial Exchange Integrated(IEO)

  •     Support unlimited token

  •     Error-free source code

  •     User friendly CMS

  •     Real-time statistics


Why hire Sellbitbuy for Bitcoin Escrow Script?


Sellbitbuy is the best p2p cryptocurrency exchange script development company that helps you launch your p2p crypto trading platform with a secure Cryptocurrency Escrow Script with extraordinary features as per your business needs. Our crypto developers will deliver your Cryptocurrency Escrow Script along with on-time delivery, pre and post-assistance, bug-free source code, and assistance in server maintenance.


Before starting, you can have a free demo for Bitcoin Escrow Script here.


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