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Several scientific studies have shown that color is a very important sensory Spirulina companyparameter that can directly affect consumers' interest and acceptance of a product, showing the importance of color in people's perceptions and experiences.

As people begin to pay attention to food and beverage's "health and naturalness", natural coloring, one of the natural ingredients, has become increasingly important in how people perceive and experience food.

Unlike synthetic colors, natural colors are derived from plants, animals, fruits, insects, and minerals, while synthetic colors are derived from aniline dyes isolated from coal tar.

The study of color psychology also shows that colors are objectively stimulating and spirulina liquid symbolic to people.

Gardenia yellow - a natural pigment

People often use it in drinks (fruit-flavored drinks only) and candies because it gives them a feeling of warmth, frankness, cheer, and health.

The main component of gardenia yellow is carotenoid class of Tibetan flower blue spirulina powder pigment and Tibetan flower acid, which are obtained by crushing, extraction, filtration, sterilization, concentration, and spray drying the mature gardenia fruit.

In water, the powder dissolves into a transparent yellow liquid immediately and appears orange-yellow in color.

Carbon black is a natural pigment derived from plants

Many manufacturers are launching "blackened" products for young consumers who are seeking fun, such as tea and Fujiwara Hiroshi's "Cool Black Tillberry" drinks.

Carbon black from plants is an insoluble colorant, so it is usually used as a suspension, mainly in confectioneries and as a masking agent.

Natural melanin, vegetable black, vegetable carbon, carbon black, edible carbon black

The powder is black, odorless, tasteless, and dispersible in water and organic solvents.

Charred plant trunk and shell.

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