by on November 10, 2021

Path of Exile Scourge league is very popular with players where it is released. They also bought a lot of POE Currency in advance for the new league to let their roles play in this interesting new world. But as the players’ experience deepened, they also realized that there were some bugs in the game, which more affected their normal games, and the number of players complaining in the community increased. In order to ensure the smooth running of the game, the developer released a new patch two days ago.

The developer has implemented some changes to Path of Exile Scourge on Xbox and PS4. This includes adding access to infinite hideout decorations through the decoration tab in personal and guild hideouts. They also fixed a possible client crash during Beastcrafting.

Scourge itself has also adjusted, Scourged items and the Scourged map changed. Flogged items can no longer produce disadvantages that directly offset their advantages. For example, an item with “Added Physical Damage” will not produce “Deal no Physical Damage” as a disadvantage. The Scourged map modifier that allows players to switch to Nightmare when they reach their maximum health will now lose their health slightly over time, although the amount of health lost when players kill Scourge monsters has been reduced to 0.4% (previously it was 0.5%). Now, when they are removed from Nightmare, it will also cause the character to lose all POE Chaos Orb.

Among all these changes, there is also a vast patch to fix a series of bugs. If players want to browse more detailed information, they can refer to the news on the POECurrency site. Players who need to replenish their resource reserves can also buy the cheapest POE 3.16 currency at the lowest price there. Have a look!

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