by on November 11, 2021

Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker will bring a series of changes beyond new professions and content. The making and gathering activities of the disciples of hands and land will undergo major reforms. Although Square Enix has been ridiculing these changes for some time, the latest letter from the producer’s live broadcast brought more details to the proceedings.

The biggest significant change in Endwalker will be the elimination of high-quality materials from collection activities. Crafting can still produce headquarters items, but players can no longer collect them in the wild. The reason for this change is to reduce the inventory space required for production and collection. Now Dadi disciples only need to worry that there is a space for each material they harvest. Similarly, the disciples of hands do not have to worry about using HQ materials to improve their production results. Therefore, the team is adjusting the formula and quality values to compensate for the reduction. As for tasks, those who need headquarters materials will accept ordinary ones. The basic rewards of the game are being improved to accommodate the loss of the headquarters item Buy FF14 Gil.

Endwalker's cancellation of HQ collection materials will also have a knock-on effect on the land disciples. After all, many of the existing skills are designed to improve the player's ability to collect headquarters items. These changes completely cut some of these FFXIV Gil, or replaced them with operations with new effects. For example, certain operations will increase the chances of getting rewards for collecting revenue.

The Endwalker collection section also details the specific changes. Fishing's spearfishing mini-game will be fully updated. During the live broadcast, Square Enix showed off the new version. Players need to poke the trident regularly to catch fish. It also made fun of a combination meter, and the ability to reduce the fish's defense. The development team also hinted that certain level tasks will adjust their rewards. These adjustments will mainly affect the production and fishing tasks. These tasks will have lower FFXIV Gil and experience rewards. However, other levels of rewards will increase. 

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