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by on November 11, 2021

Now i could rant on forever about rs3 gold how much it hurts and the many things that i cannot do any more. However, what I really need to know is how it can be fixed. Let me know if you believe that another "pay-to-pk" or "world66 riot" is the answer. If you believe that the only option is to go along with it all and let it work its itself out, then that's the way to go.

What I'm really seeking is a innovative idea that hasn't been tested. Anything, is really. I can ask you for something, anything. I'm sure you guys will have some good ideas. I am looking forward to writing more posts in the near future. Okay, I was curious about the bonus of Bless Dragonhide Coifs and Robin Hood Hat. Here they are (Taken From Wikipedia.

Okay, aside from a 1 POINT ATTACK BONUS DIFFERENCE, the blessed hats are superior but people are willing to pay more than 3m for the hat. Is it the look or the rarity for which people pay Outrages costs for it?

I am a complete novice in this. I was once 250k-plus rich but now I barely make $1000. I'm trying to sell 4k willowlogs at Grand Exchange. But it won't sell even after nearly one week. Lobbys are the same, even though they have a minimum price. I am F2P.

Also air running is a very poor choice in this case, since the makers are offering less than 1K! The price was previously higher than 2k. I wont conduct any transactions since it was clearly an unqualified failure. Selling items on the Grand Exchange might be bad because no one really makes use of it to purchase items. Mining is too slow and slaughtering cows for cowhides will take too long and nobody will purchase the hides. Please post any tips here. I'm looking to buy inferno cape osrs earn 10-30k per day.

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