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The theme of Final Fantasy XIV 196 Fashion Report Week is "Magnificent Majesty," and one of the clothes needed to pass the report is any dyeable footwear decorated with Ul Brown Dye. In addition to the fashion report, this Final Fantasy XIV dye tank adds a cheerful and soft khaki to clothing, making it an excellent hue for pants or long coats. Players can Buy Final Fantasy XIV Gil by buying dyes from the market board, buying from orc merchants, or obtaining five cans as mission rewards.

The Final Fantasy XIV Marketing Committee will be the most direct way to obtain Ul Brown Dye, but it may also be the most expensive way. Depending on the player's server, the price of a can of dye may be as high as 10,000 FFXIV Gil or more.

The second way to get Ul Brown Dye in Final Fantasy XIV is to buy it from the kobold beast tribe for 216 FFXIV Gil. Those who have not unlocked the daily tasks of the Kobold must complete the task "Highway Robbery" first. After reaching level 41, players can start missions at Limsa Lominsa Upper Decks with X: 12.7 and Y: 12.8. Once the player unlocks the mission of the orc tribe, they must cooperate with the kobolds until their reputation reaches 360 points of "recognition."

Players can also perform tasks in the Heavensward expansion pack. Ul Brown Dye x 5 is a reward option for the mission "Hard Start", which can be started by talking to Moogle in the stirring mist at X: 8, Y: 12.8. Players can only access "Hard Start" after completing the prerequisites for Level 55 MSQ "Song Start". 

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