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Beginning: For sneaker shoe collectors, NBA historians, fans, and even modern-day fashionistas, there is a lot tied to the shoes ability to impress. An Air Jordan 1 occupies a central part of that obsession globally. But how so, and why so? Let’s look at some recent and past statistics that clarify and edify the Nike brand to gigantic proportions.


Past and Recent Vital Statistics on the Nike Air Jordan 1.

- First designed by legendary Nike creative director Peter Moore for exclusive Michael Jordan use on the court back in 1984. The sneakers have gained much fame and traction for their high-octane celebrity endorsement.


- The official re-release of Air Jordans is proof of their sway in design, quality, and lasting value for most NBA followers and sports lovers.


- Nike Air Jordan 1s were game-worn by Michael Jordan in 1985 after being made exclusively for the legendary NBA Chicago Bulls player.


- Nike Air Jordan 1’s became the most expensive trainers to be sold at auction, fetching $560,000 (£462,351; €517,335) at an online auction on Sotheby's on May 17, 2020.


- With over 26 official editions of the Air Jordan brand, the original Air Jordan 1’s still hold sway over the later versions for several nostalgic reasons and sentimental value.


- Today, the Nike Air Jordan 1 brand outsells other global sneaker brands by way much in terms of overall sales and turnover.




- The Nike Air Jordan 1’s have been released since 1995 with overwhelming success in record sales from launch.

- The Air Jordan has the most rich and diverse range of original colors in the Air Jordan sneaker range.


- It was the edition used by the legendary Chicago Bulls basketball player Michael Jordan for two seasons.

It is therefore official that the Nike Air Jordan 1 low, mid, and high sneaker brand is a worldwide phenomenon.


The enduring legacy of an Air Jordan 1 trainer sneaker has always been their versatile unisex color appeal, strong functionality platform, comfort, and durability. They are a sneaker collector's treasure, with high resale value and even greater historical attachments.


What’s the Average Cost of Nike Air Jordan 1 Shoes?

Although streamlined across low, mid, and high designs, an Air Jordan 1 still covers a high cost variation depending on your geographical location globally. However, there are easy ways to calculate the cost by following links on the official Nike stores and retail partners.


What are the Best Designs Air Jordan 1’s Range?

Whether it’s a Nike Air Jordan 1 Low, Mid, or High, it's built with refined materials and products. And it meets the finest high-performance trainer sneakers in the world today. Besides being durable and stylish, they are treasured by all.


Conclusion: Whereas there is a world of sneakers to choose from in American pop culture, the Air Jordan 1 range across low, mid, and high still holds pole position in wearers hearts. Despite the legend they were crafted for and after, they have become a global icon of footwear spanning across generations and patronage. An Air Jordan 1 evokes as much nostalgia and fascination.


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