by on November 13, 2021

New World update 1.0.5, which was available some time ago, has improved the game experience of players a lot. For example, when players move from combat utilization to item copying to animation cancellation, they can quickly switch between the two magic weapons to get a large amount of damage increase.

First, Amazon wants to keep coin sellers away from in-game chat. They have banned many accounts that blocked chats for selling Amazon New World Coins, and increased restrictions on currency transfers and player-to-player transactions. We expect this to prevent coin sales in the future, or at least it can be far less serious than the current problems. 

Accounts that are less than 72 hours or fewer than level 10 can no longer trade. They did this because Amazon discovered that coin sellers were creating new roles and after receiving the ban, they simply transferred their wealth to the new account and continued rampant sales activities. Therefore, Amazon Games has also redistributed some of the coin revenue from the historic missions so that players will not just quickly complete the first part of the game repeatedly to buy New World Coins online. The new account can no longer use Trading Post until the “introduction to the trading post” task is completed.

The item duplication bug through crafting stations and storage sheds has also been fixed, and the gold duplication from the Territory Project has also been fixed. Therefore, Amazon does not have to disable transactions again to Buy New World Coins. Outpost Rush also has a series of changes, including a slight reduction in rewards for failed teams, as well as reduced attributes, weapon mastery and chisel costs.

Now players' enthusiasm for New World has been rekindled. They can buy some New World Coins on IGGM and learn useful strategies before going to battle New World, which is more practical.