by on November 13, 2021

Since May 2021, we have known that the Final Fantasy XIV Ishgard house is about to launch, although we didn’t know until now that it will be called Empyreum. It will be inspired by the firmament of Kurthas. It is part of "Ishgarde Recovery" to restore the destroyed space. When Patch 6.0 comes out, people will see it first. Then they can buy it at 6.01.

After unveiling Empyreum, Yoshida talked about the new land purchase system. Once 6.0 arrives, players cannot relocate to land that is not yet prepared, and other changes will follow. At that time, the FC Master and the permits that allow FC members to purchase land will disappear, and it will be of no use even to own a large amount of FF14 Gil. After that patch, the land will not depreciate. Lottery systems for private plots will also appear.

The Final Fantasy XIV house lottery will have certain restrictions to make FFXIV Gil. The player must have a level 50 job, be a major company ensign or higher, and have not owned a plot in that world for that reason. If the player already owns a plot, they will have to move to a new plot and abandon the old plot.

All Final Fantasy XIV housing draws in places like Ishgard will have two steps. One will involve investigating the plots to see how many other people enter to buy them and enter the lottery. Players can only register for one spot at a time. Then they must take their place, and when they enter the lottery, they must pay all the funds for the plot. Those who didn't win would get all the money back. Final Fantasy XIV can be used on PS4, PS5 and PC. FFXIV Endwalker will appear on December 7, 2021, so players are better to buy FFXIV Gil in advance. 

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