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by on November 15, 2021

Super App and Southeast Asia go a long way. Grab is the reason for that. It started off as a taxi booking app in 2012. However, it has expanded its presence to several sectors now. This includes financial services, food and grocery delivery, and on-demand transportation. Likewise, entrepreneurs can move ahead in the digital economy with a Grab clone.

How does a Grab-like multi-service platform function? 

  • 4 stakeholders are the backbone of Grab. It comprises customers, drivers, merchants and big enterprises. 
  • Users must register on the on-demand services platform. They must enter details like their age, email address, name, and location. 
  • The admin of the on-demand delivery platform will approve their profiles after checking their background and data.
  • Further, customers can search for the required services. They can tap options like food delivery, grocery delivery, insurance, investment etc. Users can choose a specific service after seeing the availability, price, and ratings. 
  • Later, a gig worker (a rider or a  logistics personnel) would accept the booking. 
  • They will head over to a retail outlet, pick up the necessary products, and head over to the user’s location. Moreover, customers will get real-time updates right from the pick-up point to the drop-off destination. 
  • Thus, they can manage their schedule efficiently.  Users will also get extra discounts, reward points, and offers in the deals section. 
  • Are there other options available for drivers and retailers? Yes. Cabbies will get access to payment gateways,  route optimization tools and income reports. Merchants can create profiles, reach out to a large customer base, and manage their business operations effortlessly. 
  • Corporate companies can also satisfy their employees effectively. They can press options like express package and food delivery. This will enhance worker engagement and improve their productivity and wellbeing. 

Wish to catapult ahead of your rivals in the market? Initiate Grab clone app development by reaching out to an app development company soon.

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