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While there are many Rat variants available, the others aren't quite good Lost Ark GoldQ. The Ribbon Rat is probably the best of the lot. As the name implies, the Ribbon Rat is a white Rat that wears a red-colored ribbon on its head.

Pure and White Kitty

For the cat lovers out there, the developers have added Kitty skin. The White Kitty is similar to a Khao Manee wearing a blue scarf around her neck. If you are looking for just a cat without any of the other stuff, then the Pure Kitty is a very good alternative as well.

White Cow and Straw Hat Cow

The white cow looks like something that is straight out from the cartoons, and it is one of the most adorable skins in the game by far. For those who are looking for a fancier cow, the Straw Hat Cow is really good skin as well. This wears a cowboy hat and can give a really cute appearance to your character.

Mokokon Pets

When it comes to the Mokokon pets, it all comes down to the color you prefer. They all look pretty much the same, apart from a bit of difference in the accessories. As far as the best pets are concerned, we think the Pink Mokokon Pet and the White Mokokon with a Santa Hat are the best ones to choose.

How to Claim Lost Ark Season 1 Free Gifts

Lost Ark Season 1 has finally arrived and with a plethora of new content, there are some free gifts available for players out there.

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There are a number of gifts that the developers are giving to celebrate the launch of the first season. When the game was launched in the West, there were a number of gifts that were given out to players. Now, the developers have decided to take this initiative to give out rewards to everyone.


Once you login to the game, you will see a box with an arrow in the top bar Lost Ark Gold buy. Click on it to open the gifts section. Claim the gift by clicking on the Claim button. Now you need to head to your Inventory, where you will be able to open your gift. Here are the items available in the gift.

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