by on November 17, 2021

Players who are familiar with Path of Exile know that this is an ARPG launched by Grinding Gear Games on October 23, 2013. The 3.16 expansion was released on the 8th anniversary of the release of Path of Exile, and on that day, the Scourge League officially arrived. It can be seen from the data and actual performance that the players’ enthusiasm for Scourge is much greater than Expedition in the 3.15 expansion. Every player who is eager for big achievements has bought a lot of POE Currency as a backup.

Once you enter Scourge League, the timer in the game will start, which naturally promotes a game style that quickly moves through the area while destroying as many monsters as possible in a short time. This is the need for a clear speed meta. Players tend to optimize their construction around damage, mobility, and survivability in order to play the best role in the game. Of course, the clear speed meta is not unique to Path of Exile.

As a whole, ARPG has been cultivating a certain type of game style, revolving around building the most powerful characters, gaining loot through farming to become stronger, reducing the time required to do so exponentially, maximizing result. Therefore, Wilson believes it is difficult for GGG to balance POE Currency in a way that eases this situation and does not feel contrived, because developers don’t want to limit the choices players have and decide for them for how they should play.

Therefore, although GGG has been considering changing things in a way that eliminates the timer and allows players to eliminate the impulse of each enemy within a few seconds, it is also a challenge from a game development. The team will always repeat the idea of replacing the timer with POE Items Buy. However, it eventually shelved because of internal struggles and the fact that they already geared the game towards clear speed.

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