by on November 17, 2021

Although the launch of New World has achieved brilliant success, it still has many errors. While players were buying New World Coins to play in the game, recently, players discovered the gold dupe exploit attached to the server transfer function, which caused Amazon Game Studios to shut down the entire economy indefinitely. Players cannot buy or sell items in trading stations, cannot pay taxes, and companies cannot keep up with the upgrade of towns because they continue to be hit by wars and invasions.

In response to this problem, developers are working hard to fix this error. Just when the game seemed to be slowly recovering from the chaos, another duplication exploit was discovered. This time, players can copy furniture and other items. Many players will Buy New World Coins in the game to get some scarce materials, but through this exploit they can completely bypass the materials that must be cultivated to make them.

In response, Amazon once again stopped the entire economy. So there are no more trading post functions, no more player transactions, no more New World Gold being sent to players’ companies or other players, and no maintenance tax is required. This is rough. Once the vulnerabilities are patched, these features will be back online.

New World can be used on PC now, hope Amazon can fix this error as soon as possible. For some players who buy Amazon New World Coins, this is definitely not a fair thing. Balance is the most important thing to ensure the player’s sense of experience. If some mistakes or loopholes break the balance, then this is disappointing for the players. But if players want to get a better experience while exploring the game, they can also prepare some RPG New World Coins to improve themselves.

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