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Return to Savarain's hut. Are you back with the Ethernal Staff? Here's the scoop. That's great. Now I need you to RuneScape gold complete some errands for me. Solar Guardian hands you a scroll. Now, meet me at the Hole of Supernova. Then, read the text and you'll find the information you require.

Five sets of Nightmare logs. How to get them: First you'll require Dream Logs, and there are actually some available on Solar Isle. Follow the path back to the Sayaniona's Lair, and go until you reach the room where Greater Sayaniona's is. Retrace your steps to the back of the room, and find a way to get through the crack that is obvious. In the room, you'll find a small bedroom, similar to one found in a Player Owned House. You can access Dreamland from the bed.

Select that option and you will fall into Dreamland. You will find yourself on a tiny island with only one dream tree, and is surrounded by darkness. You do however notice a book called My Life in your inventory. It's most likely taken from the Lunar Diplomacy quest. To return to reality, you can just read it. Cut your dream tree five times and you'll receive five logs. It's more challenging.

Next you must have the level 55 Magic to degrade Dream Logs. Once you degrade the log of a dream, it is done by using it with a Solarus Staff. The staff is smashed into a dusty substance. You'll have five sets of Eclipse Logs. Rub the dust-like substance on and you will have the Nightmare Logs needed. The book can be read, and you will be able to find the cave. To be able to use the Nightmare Log Process, you need to have level 70 woodcutting.

How to get this, you need a Solar Ore, and Solar Bar. The Solar Ore can be obtained from the west of Solar Isle, where you have access to OSRS buy gold the mining site. Enter the crater, then extract the glittering rock. You'll get 1 Solar Ore.

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