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by on June 23, 2022

While surfing appears to be simple, there is a lot to learn for a novice. It needs hard effort and practice, just like any other sport. Here are some useful surfing guidelines for beginners to keep in mind if you're ready to take surfing lessons at malibu surf camp.

Find the Surfboard's Center of Gravity

Every surfboard has a center of gravity, and you must identify the equilibrium point when laying on one. It's a good idea to discover this place and then mark the point where your chin is while you're first learning. You'll always strike the same location this way.

Using a Crawl Stroke to Paddle

Make sure you don't paddle with both arms at the same time. Instead, be sure you paddle with a crawl stroke to maintain a consistent pace in the water.

Sit on the Board and Practice

You'll need to learn how to sit on the board after you've mastered lying on it. It could feel shaky at first. Simply remain quiet and still.

On land, practice standing up.

Even if you've always known how to stand up, doing it on a board in the water is a whole other experience. While your board is in the sand, practice standing up from lying on it. Practice on land until you've mastered it. You may then try it in the water.

Select a Standard Board

Start with a simple board that is the right size for you.

Choose a Good Location

You should begin surfing on a sandy, straight beach free of reefs and rocks because you are a novice.

Pay Attention to Your Board Position

The board should never be between you and the incoming waves. The waves may cause the board to collide with your skull.

Use A Leash

Beginners taking Malibu surf instruction should also bring a leash. You won't lose your board this way, and you'll still be buoyant if you go off.

Be Conscious of Surfing Etiquette

When you're in line, you have to wait your turn. Don't interrupt someone who is catching a wave. Surfing etiquette demonstrates respect for others and helps to avoid accidents.

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