by on September 6, 2021

Jewelry Crafting plays a very important role in ESO, players can use it to quickly upgrade or upgrade equipment. If players need some ESO Gold, then it is also a way to make ESO Gold. This sounds very interesting and exciting. Here is what Jewelry Crafting needs players to do.

Refine. Here, players will merge all the dust into an Ounce of refined components for production. Players need a lot of dust to successfully refine, so please make sure that players have harvested a lot of seams or traded all necessary resources with friends.

Creation. With Ounces, players can make some jewelry. Jewelry making in ESO is limited to rings and necklaces. However, players can make things more interesting by choosing the materials and characteristics they want to use to make new projects. Players can Buy ESO Gold to quickly upgrade and unlock new materials, and can use the research options in the crafting menu to learn features.

Deconstruct. During ESO, players will eventually fill up their inventory with items that are no longer needed. Instead of selling them to get ESO Gold, players should consider deconstructing them. This will destroy the project and provide them with new materials in the process. The higher the player's level and the stronger the item, the better the materials they can harvest. If players are not interested in looking around for important production and improvement components, then Deconstruction will soon become their best friend.

Jewelry Crafting still has many things that players need to do, although this process may be troublesome or even complicated for some players. But its benefits are great. Players can not only get ESO Gold but also some experience. This allows players to experience a kind of do-it-yourself fun. If players want a better experience, they can also buy ESO Gold to upgrade quickly.

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