by on November 18, 2021

Because of the frequent occurrence of nasty bugs in Amazon New World some time ago, the development team issued a patch for these problems raised by the players recently. Recently, there is also shocking news that Amazon intends to merge New World’s existing servers. The players know nothing about it. In the lengthy update of the official forum, the developers explained they will solve all the bugs in New World before officially merging all servers, and strive to provide players with a truly flawless gaming experience. This move aroused the mood of the players in the game and prompted them to Buy New World Coins.

The developers tested the world merge in the closed beta, which resulted in a persistent issue, which has since been resolved, they will continue to test the merge with our team and the private world, and the changes will be tested in the public testing area first. This is not all. In addition to the details of region and server transfers, as well as luck issues and the inability to declare war, the update also discusses performance and character design.

In addition, Amazon intends to continue to add more clothing diversity to the cultural and narrative-driven appearance, which is more grounded, historical and practical, while others may feel more whimsical or supernatural. The post further added that the team intends to add clothing with a more feminine or masculine appearance, suitable for all body types, and expand the options for players to customize their characters.

MMO players discovered a coin/item dupe bug during the transaction, and many people used it maliciously. It forced Amazon to ban transactions in the short term because it was working hard to resolve the problem. But now those accounts that violate the trading rules have been banned. If players want to buy New World Coins quickly through legal channels, then IGGM is the best choice.

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