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by on June 23, 2022

Who says that eco-friendly labelling is difficult? With environmental-friendly recycled custom stickers, you can add high-quality branding that won't affect the environment. Custom stickers on recycled paper are printed with eco-friendly inks on FSC-certified paper and non-toxic adhesive, making them ideal for branding your packaging and products.

These semi-glossy stickers are packaged in sheets with a 100% recyclable release lining for easy peeling and personalization. Use a paper sticker to display your brand's logo, distinctive artwork, or a personalized QR code on shipping boxes and mailers, envelopes, takeout bags, and more.

Custom Stickers Recycled Paper

These custom stickers recycled paper has pure white material which is manufactured from post-consumer recycled materials and sustainably sourced materials, making them a fantastic match for your eco-friendly products. These recycled labels are ready for practically any indoor application and packaging demand, thanks to their lasting adhesive and protective varnish. Matte Recycled Paper Labels are a high-quality recycled custom stickers choice for packaging and branding. The glare-free, smooth texture is ideal for many applications, and the paper material of these labels breaks quickly, making them an excellent choice for tamper-evident products.

Another beneficial feature of these custom stickers on recycled paper is that they are beneficial to promoting the brands. They help to make your brand specific to recognize easily among the hundreds of other brands in the market.

How are the Custom Stickers Recycled Paper Beneficial?

If you pride yourself on being an environmentally friendly company, you mustn't compromise on your packing. Sticker printing on superior non-vinyl paper not only looks fantastic, but it's also environmentally friendly. Because of the unique stickers, customers will be able to recycle every component of your packaging without guilt. Glass bottles, cardboard boxes, and pots, among other surfaces, can be covered with recycled paper. These unique eco-friendly stickers are also beneficial for the promotion of your brand in a unique way.

Cost-Effective Labelling

It would be a great option for brands to provide attractive labelling to their products through the custom stickers recycled paper. Furthermore, when compared to more expensive vinyl solutions, sticker printing on superior paper is a terrific budget-friendly option. You can choose from a variety of permanent and removable personalised paper labels for a variety of uses. A gloss surface is appropriate for light splash protection, yet an uncoated finish is ideal for writing on the label. These recycled custom stickers are best to generate more sales for your brands.

Customizations & Printings

Procure Custom Boxes customized recycled paper using different latest techniques to enhance their outlook. You can customize these eco-friendly stickers in different shapes and sizes according to your products. The brand logo implementation on the stickers is beneficial to promoting the brand. It will also be beneficial to increase the brand sales and worth in the market. You can also add texts in the form of quotes and some details related to the products on these stickers to attract more customers. While the unique colour combination on these stickers using eco-friendly inks is also beneficial customization to provide an eye-catchy appearance. However, you can also add coatings to ensure more strong nature.


The custom stickers recycled paper is the best eco-friendly labelling option for the brand. It is a cost-effective way of promoting the brand and making them different from the rest of the others. These recycled custom stickers have a strong adhesive feature which is beneficial to providing a long-lasting adhesion with the surface of the products. Moreover, you can also customize these stickers and labels according to your wish for a more attractive appearance.

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