by on June 24, 2022

A new update to Lost Ark fixes an issue with claiming rewards in the Fever Time event. Players will need to endure 4 hours of maintenance before they can continue their adventures in Areksia. So, if you've been playing Lost Ark for a while, then you probably know the time and date of the weekly updates, but, if you're new, you'd better change your plans at midnight on Thursday because the road to Arkesia will is temporarily blocked.

Similar to previous weeks, on June 23, Lost Ark released a new update, including a fix for a claim bug in the Fever Time event and an adjustment to the end date for the Super Express event. You can read the Lost Ark Weekly Update Patch Notes on for full details.

According to Lost Ark's official tweet, IGGM servers were shut down on June 23. The downtime lasted 4 hours, but you should consider that maintenance delays are unlikely. As a result, players can re-enter Lost Ark Areksia on June 23 at 4am PST.

While we won't be able to access any online features during the downtime, players will be able to download and install the new version on PC shortly after the maintenance ends. And we can also enjoy the revamped Lost Ark and new fun. By the way, if you Lost Ark players need it, you can seek professional game service provider IGGM to Buy Lost Ark Gold or read useful guides. Check it now!

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