by on April 26, 2023

In the world of New World, the Public Test Realm (PTR) plays a vital role in shaping the game's content and improving the player experience. The developers at Amazon Games rely heavily on feedback from the community to refine and optimize their game, as seen in the changes made during Season 1.

One major shift that resulted from PTR feedback was the decision to instance key quest moments, such as final boss showdowns, to make them more intense and epic. This change was driven by players who felt that the open-world Faceless fight was not challenging enough.

As the game continues to evolve, players can look forward to even more improvements and changes based on their feedback, ensuring that New World remains a thriving and exciting world filled with adventure and opportunity for all, including the pursuit of New World Coins.

But it's not just major changes that are implemented based on player feedback. Small tweaks and improvements can make a significant difference in the overall gameplay experience, as evidenced by the increased passive Season XP gain and more accessible Season Activity categories in Season 1. These changes helped ensure that players could progress through the Season Pass more consistently, regardless of their preferred playstyle.

Another change that came about thanks to PTR feedback was the reduction of crafting costs for Flame Core items, making them more affordable for players. Flame Cores can also now be traded between players, adding a new level of flexibility to the game's economy.

And the developers didn't stop there. They re-evaluated the rewards for the Fury of the Spriggan event after receiving feedback from the Legacy of Crassus event, indicating their willingness to continually iterate and improve the game based on player input.

While the PTR process has been integral to the success of New World, there is always room for improvement. Players may have suggestions for changes to the testing process, or ideas for new features or improvements. As the game continues to evolve and grow, the developers will undoubtedly continue to rely on player feedback to ensure that New World remains a vibrant and engaging experience for all.

In conclusion, the PTR process and player feedback have been vital in shaping the New World gameplay experience. Changes made in Season 1, such as instancing key quest moments and increasing passive Season XP gain, show that even small adjustments can have a significant impact on the player experience.

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